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Dried Flower Petals

Our  Real Mixed & Multicolor Dried Flower petals are best for Making Craft DIY Accessories , Cosmetics, Soap, Wax Sachet, Candles Making. Our Natural Dry Flower Sets are real without additives and preservatives. Our Different kind of  flowers will satisfied all your needs. Suitable for DIY handmade crafts. Our all-organic products contain nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just wholesome natural ingredients from our organic  BloomyBlissFarm.

How to care dried flower petals?

  • Keep away from direct sunlight hours
  • Keep inside air tight glass container
  • Avoid humidity

What Are the advantages of  Dried Flower Petals?

Beauty Benefits of dried flower petals

You can use dry flowers petals in making of beauty products. Grind them and use them as powder or extract oil from dried flowers of  rose, calendula etc. and use it on your hair or in your face mask.

Dried Flower Petals for Candles

You can make some awesome scented candles for your ambience with the dried flowers. The scent of dried flowers enhances your surroundings with the lighting of the candle. You can check out our wide range of scented candles with dried flowers and make your ambience exuberant.

Dried Flower Petals Confetti

It is a mixture of dried petals and flowers. Floral confetti is good option for Wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, banquet, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, party, hotel, balloons confetti in place of paper or glitter. You can also check out our amazing range of  wedding confetti  here.

Dried Flower Petals for Potpourri

Potpourris are a great way to upcycle dry flower petals and enjoy their beautiful scent for longer. You can combine your favorite flower petals with some essential oils.

Dried Flower Petals for Soaps decoration

You can also add dry flower petals and dried flower heads to decorate soaps. You can also give it a try at home and design your handmade soaps with your favorite dried flower petals.

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