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Dry Flower Bouquets for Home Decor

“Designed for your beautiful home”

Who does not love flowers? Those lovely multicoloured refreshing companions full of fragrance and hope. Multiple studies prove that flowers have a healing effect. Especially in today’s fast life when most of the people are suffering from stress and other mental health issues. They help reduce stress and find peace of mind. Dry flower bouquets are the perfect alternative because they charm you and also enables you to do beautiful arrangements for many years. Nowadays, dried flowers are in trend because we can keep them longer. So now browse through our range to mesmerize yourself and find out beautiful dried flowers in India today. We have different  arrangement for every auspicious occasion. Our all-organic products contain nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just wholesome natural ingredients from our organic  BloomyBlissFarm.

How to arrange dry flower bouquets?

  • For arranging get your preferred stems and make any beautiful ornament bunch out of that.
  • Avoid foam for arrangements.
  • Also, put some aromatic dried herbs in that bunch. Constantly use them with tender palms so it’s going to not damage the stem.
  • Don’t forget to add a few dried grass with it in order that it seems extra stunning. Do not forget to preserve them in a dry area with out a direct sunlight.
  • You can additionally arrange dried flowers heads in your table with decorative plates or bowls.

How to care dry flower bouquets?

  • Avoid watering. Do no longer require water in any respect.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight hours.
  • Make certain to clean off dust gently from them in regular periods of time to keep their look.
  • Keep away from touching petals of the flowers as commonplace human touch could make them lose their natural shade and fragrance at an in advance level.
  • Avoid humidity

Why Dried flowers extraordinary for home decor?

  • As dry flower bouquets are great addition to your home decor. Dried Flowers life long closing it’s why they may be best for home decor.
  • Dried Flowers are good alternative of artificial flowers if you really think about the environment friendly products.
  • Best arrangement for vintage decor

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