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Flower Plants
Flower plants are those plants that produce flowers as their reproductive structures. Flower plants come in a huge variety and produce flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Flowers make perfect gifts and can be used to express feelings. To make these gifts bloom and spread happiness you need to take care of these plants.

Do flower plants need sunlight?
Yes, all plants need sunlight to grow. Sunlight is a source of energy in plants and is needed by plants to perform photosynthesis. The amount of sunlight varies from plant to plant. Some flowering plants need a couple of hours of sunlight like the indoor ones and some need many hours of sunlight.
Should you water your flower plant every day?
Water your plants a minimum of once a day during summers. But make sure to keep the soil moist, not soggy. 
Why is my plant not flowering?
Over time the soil becomes nutrient deficient which can be a reason your plant is not flowering. To make the soil nutrient-rich again, apply some organic fertilizers. You can use water-soluble or liquid organic fertilizer.

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