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Dried Flower Bunches For Giftboxes / Gift Wrapping

Looking for a unique and creative way to give your next gift? Try something special with dried flowers – crafted in the right way, they can make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift wrap that shows off your creativity and effort.

Choose the Right Dried Flowers

The first step in creating a beautiful dried flower gift wrap is to find the right type of flowers. If you have access to real floral blooms, you can opt o dry them at home. Otherwise, there are several types of artificial and dried flowers available online and at convenient stores to fit your needs. Choose colors that match the layout of your gift as well as any theme for the event or occasion.

Wrap the Gift Box with Floral Paper

Once you have the dried flowers and other materials ready, it’s time to start wrapping. Begin by laying floral paper out on a flat surface. Place your gift box or object in the middle of the paper and wrap one side up and over the sides of the box, making sure all sides are covered completely. Secure with tape or glue if necessary. To finish off, place clusters of dried flowers along the edges of the paper with dollops of glue.

Arrange and Secure Your Flowers

Before gluing on the dried flowers, you’ll want to arrange them into clusters. Choose four or five blossoms that go well together and bunch them close to one another in whatever shape you prefer. Once your desired arrangement is complete, attach the flowers with a glue gun or floral adhesive. Secure all the blooms firmly for a professional look. Allow time for the glue to dry fully before wrapping it around your gift box.

Make a Bow for a Finishing Touch

After all your flowers have been applied, you’ll want to make a bow from ribbon or craft paper to give the package an extra special look. Measure out and cut a length of ribbon that’s wide enough for the box and will be long enough for two loops once it’s knotted at the center. Make sure to double knot it tightly so it holds firmly in place. Place the bow on top of your arrangement and glue it down with a glue gun or floral adhesive. This finishing touch is sure to make your gift stand out!

Add A Note to Personalize the Gift Wrapping

Finally, it’s time to add a personalized note! With your gift wrapping now complete and the floral arrangement looking stunning, it’s time to make sure the recipient knows why you are giving them this special gift. Write a heartfelt message on a piece of paper or cardstock and affix it to the box with double sided tape so that your words of appreciation can be seen by all. And don’t forget to sign it – because everyone loves getting a personalized gift!

What Can I do with dried flowers?

  • Aromatic Sachets
  • Dried flowers herbarium
  • Gifts Wraping
  • Inside Gift Box

Unpacking of dried flowers

  • Unwrap the packaging gently.

How to keep dried flowers?

  • Keep dried flowers in airtight container
  • Avoid direct sunlight and humidity

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