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Dried Flowers

Who does not love flowers? Those lovely multicoloured refreshing companions full of fragrance and hope. Multiple studies prove that flowers have a healing effect. Especially in today’s fast life when most of the people are suffering from stress and other mental health issues.They help reduce stress and find peace of mind. Dried flowers are the perfect alternative because they charm you and also enables you to do beautiful arrangements for many years. Nowadays, dried flowers are in trend because we can keep them longer. So now browse through our range to mesmerize yourself and find out beautiful dried flowers in India today. We have different dried flowers arrangement for every auspicious occasion. Our all-organic products contain nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just wholesome natural ingredients from our organic  BloomyBlissFarm.

How to arrange dried flowers ?

  • For arranging get your preferred stems and make any beautiful ornament bunch out of that.
  • Avoid foam for arrangements.
  • Also, put some aromatic dried herbs in that bunch. Constantly use them with tender palms so it’s going to not damage the stem.
  • Don’t forget to add a few dried grass with it in order that it seems extra stunning. Do not forget to preserve them in a dry area with out a direct sunlight.
  • You can additionally arrange dried flowers heads in your table with decorative plates or bowls.

How to care dried flowers?

  • Avoid watering. Dried flowers do no longer require water in any respect.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight hours.
  • Make certain to clean off dust gently from them in regular periods of time to keep their look.
  • Keep away from touching petals of the flowers as commonplace human touch could make them lose their natural shade and fragrance at an in advance level.
  • Avoid humidity

How to Dry flowers?

  • Hanging method
  • Pressing method
  • Silica gel method
  • Microwave method

For more you can visit How to dry flowers ?

Where you can get  Dried flowers ?

You can dry your flowers with defined techniques above and make your very own dried arrangement. Also you can buy different flowers of your preference from BloomyBliss and create your personal unique dried flowers bunch. If you looking for ready made dried flowers bunch or any customized arrangement you can  purchase online from us !

Which flowers are great to Dry that makes the most stunning Dried flowers arrangement?

Globosa, Helichrysum, Acroclinium , Celosia, Cockscomb, Cotton, Gypsophila, Statice , Lavender, Larkspur  and Roses  are nice for air drying. In grasses bunny tail, wheat grass, pampas are top for air dry. Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, Dahlias, African Marigolds  additionally may be dried with other methods.

What Are the advantages of  Dried Flowers , herbs & Grasses?

Benefits of Dried flowers in decoration

  • They’re long lasting. You can preserve at home as long as you want them.
  • Right alternative of artificial flora
  • Not required water.
  • Always  off-season flowers available for enjoyment.

Health Benefits of Dried flowers

You can use dry flowers as a condiment in your tea. They have amazing health benefits and your tea will taste better.

Beauty Benefits of dried flowers

You can use dry flowers as beauty products. Grind them and use them as powder or extract oil from dried flowers of  rose, calendula etc. and use it on your hair or in your face mask.

Dried flowers & grasses use in art and craftwork

Here are some ways you can use dried flowers and grasses.

Dried Flowers Resin Art

Resin art is a great way to preserve dry flowers and grass. There are plenty of things that can be crafted using dry flowers/grass and resin. This can include trays, studs, coasters, pendants, keychains, paperweights, and showpieces etc. You can get plenty of video tutorials online on each of them.

Frame Pressed Dried Flowers Initials

Frame pressed flower initials are great for personalized gifts to your loved ones. You can also use them to decorate and add a personal touch to your place.

Pressed dried flowers phone cover and cases

You can use pressed and dried flowers/grass to decorate your boring phone covers while preserving their natural beauty.

Dried Flowers Coasters

Wooden coasters or Resin coasters both look stunning. These coasters are something that’s decorative for your home as well as functional also.

Dried flowers and grasses wall/door wreath

Dried wreaths are wonderful indoor home decor and would look perfect on a door, mantle, over a fireplace, altar, or in your favorite China cabinet. You can make some awesome wall/door wreaths with dried flowers and grass. Dry flower wreaths retain their beauty longer than fresh flower wreaths.

Dried flowers scented sachets

You can use dry flower scented wax sachets to refresh your home and impart a lovely fragrance to your clothes or linens. You can hang them in the entryway, tuck in the drawers, cabinets and boxes or put them in your closet. Just make sure they are not in direct sunlight.

Dried Flowers and Grasses wall art

You can use dry flowers and grass for decorating the walls of your living room. This can be a great background for photoshoots and also can be used as wedding decor. You can arrange different coloured flowers and add fairy lights to give a spark to the place.

Dried Flowers Brooch

Use it to decor a dress, curtains or your bedroom window. Put it in a “good morning” tray between the coffee and the orange juice or sign with it a “have a nice day” note.Using these brooch with clothes uplifts your outfit making you look dynamic and smart. 

Dried Flowers Crowns/ Tiara

If you’re going to wear dried flowers and go to the trouble of carefully arranging them in a way that lets you create something beautiful from something so delicate, you would rather make a huge statement with them. You can also use satin ties, butterflies, and other decorating stuff to make it look more prettier.

Dried Flowers Candles

You can make some awesome scented candles for your ambience with the dried flowers. The scent of dried flowers enhances your surroundings with the lighting of the candle. You can check out our wide range of scented candles with dried flowers and make your ambience exuberant.

Dried Flowers Confetti

It is a mixture of dried petals and flowers. Floral confetti is good option for Wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, banquet, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, party, hotel, balloons confetti in place of paper or glitter. You can also check out our amazing range of  wedding confetti  here.

Dried Flowers Potpourri

Potpourris are a great way to upcycle dry flower petals and enjoy their beautiful scent for longer. You can combine your favorite flower petals with some essential oils. 

Dried Flowers Soaps decoration

You can also add dry flower petals and dried flowers to decorate soaps. You can also give it a try at home and design your handmade soaps with your favorite dried flowers  and petals.

Why Dried flowers extraordinary for Gifting?

  • As dried plant life long closing it’s why they may be memorable present for your loved ones.
  • Beautiful present if someone like flowers usually at office table or home
  • Appropriate choice for home decor  present



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