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Scented Wax Sachet

“Just calm your senses  with Natural Essence”

Add a personal touch to your home with Natural & Organic handmade Wax scented Sachets. Our Wax Sachets are made with natural ingredients( fragrant flowers, plants, herbs)  from our organic  BloomyBlissFarm.Use Wax Sachets for restoration, as well as strengthen non secular, physical, and mental properly-being it releases the fragrant fragrance. You can enhance your home, office desk, wardrobe, cars with our stunning Wax Sachets.


  • What are wax sachets used for?

Wax sachets used or herbal perfume at your own home , workplace or automobile

  • How lengthy do wax sachets final?

2-3 years if hold in cool and dry region

  • Where do you placed a wax sachet?

You can maintain them interior your dresser, you may hang inside your car , room , workplace table or rest room.Use them in closed areas like your closets and drawers.

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