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Dried Flowers- How They Can Be Used
In Flower Essence Therapy


 Psychological issues are increasing exponentially today. Irrespective of the country, race, culture, and society, every individual faces some psychological pressure that poses an enormous force on an individuals mind. Because of the psychological pressure, almost every third of humans across the globe is prone to depression, anxiety, or some other kind of psychological disorder. The symptoms may vary in intensity from one person to another depending upon their environment, mental capability, and the series of events. However, science has made advancements in psychology and introduced specific treatment methods to help get rid of every kind of psychological disorder. The professionals that provide psychotherapy are called psychiatrists or sometimes therapists (according to their education and the setting they form a part of). There are many expert therapists in the UK with exceptional skills and methodologies that can dramatically improve an individuals mental well-being. They have also introduced many therapy techniques like smile therapy and dried flower therapy, which can form a part of an individuals daily routine for long-term effects.

In this article, we will discuss the use of flowers in therapy and their effect on mood. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this therapy so that you can be well aware of it.

Use of Dried Flowers in Therapy

In any part of the world, flowers are widely used. They are a symbol of beauty, care, and love; to be precise, they can carry any good message you want to send to your loved ones. You occasionally give flowers to your better half as a gesture of love, and they instantly become happy. Flowers are given to patients to have positive vibes; brides carry flower bouquets as a symbol of happiness. Is there something familiar with the use of flowers on each occasion? Whatever the use, it could be seen through the examples that flowers significantly impact mood. They can uplift ones mood and surround one with positive energies. Their fragrance has the healing vibrational energy that science is working on.Dried flower therapy is known to cure psychological and physical issues; it helps improve immunity, sense of smell, and psychological issues concerning anxiety and pain.

Dried flower therapy for treating anxiety

A study conducted in 2020 concluded that flowers help relieve anxiety in children. The previously worked studies suggested flowers reduced stress levels in adults with moderate symptoms. A study in 2017 found that flower therapy helped overcome fear in women going through menopause. It is believed that flowers have an impact on the dopamine level in the human body. They instigate its release so that all the negative energies are derived, and anxiety is controlled. This method is specifically beneficial for people with mild symptoms who cannot attend regular therapist sessions due to some problems. Despite the studies mentioned above, science, till today, could not find any strongly backed reason to claim the benefits of flowers in therapy but is still working on it to come up with reasonable solutions and explanations.

Dried Flower therapy for pain

A study from 2017 suggested that flower therapy helped ease pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is suspected that flowers may impact the pain receptors and cause numbness to reduce pain sensations in an individual. According to some therapists, dried flower therapy helps people focus on their emotional stability rather than physical pain, which makes the sensations less effective on them. However, this area of study requires more research.

Pros of dried flower therapy

Therapies may cost you an arm and a leg in some cases. However, dried flower therapy is a cheap yet effective form of therapy. It relieves you from frequent and expensive therapy sessions while improving your mental health effectively.

Risks of dried flower therapy

Flowers only go well with some people. No matter how much you like them, sometimes the immune system does not approve of them, and you may make you ill. Pollen and flower allergies are prevalent in the 21st century and may become violent if your allergy is severe. A person can experience severe coughing, sneezing, and mild fever that would make them unable to carry out the daily activities of life. Other side effects of the therapy include mild rash, fatigue, and headache.

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