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Environmental Activities for Kids

Our environment is deteriorating day by day. Rather than drawing posters on environment conservation, the growing buds should be taught to conserve the environment through hands-on activities. These activities can include recycling, conservation and resource management. Helping children understand the importance of taking care of the environment is a great way to inculcate kindness and gratitude in them.

Here is a list of environmental activities for kids.

  • Nature Tour

Learning to enjoy nature is the first step towards preserving it. When we love and enjoy something we care for it. Not only this, nature helps in boosting mental health. Discuss with children what would happen if their natural habitats were destroyed.

  • Activity: Preparing Compost

A little activity that helps teach children how some of the garbage can be composted and added to the garden? Teach them about the compostable garbage item and help them prepare compost with garbage.

  • Plant a Garden

Involving your kids in this activity will let them learn how plants need sun, water and soil and how to take care of plants. Planting your own food and harvesting it provides inner joy. Also, the locally grown food is healthier as it is grown with fewer chemicals. You can also let your kids plant their favourite flowers and enjoy them blooming.

  • Turn Off

Make a challenge to keep the unused lights off in your house. Reward them whenever they turn an unused bulb off.

  • Artwork from Trash

Let them think out of the box, challenge individuals or teams to show off their creativity by creating artwork from trash. This will teach them how to reuse the things that might be a waste. Do not forget to showcase their art at schools or with relatives, this will encourage them.

  • Make a Bird Feeder

A simple way to get your kids attracted towards birds. Help them make one by using a milk or juice carton and enjoy the birds.


  • Make Plantable Seed Paper

Recycle used paper to make a beautiful greeting card for someone special. Soak the used paper overnight. Blend it with water and some food colour. Put the pulp on a towel forming a screen and sprinkle some seeds on the top of the wet pulp and gently pat them and let it dry. Make a card out of paper.


  • Make your own Cloth Bags and say NO to plastic bags 

Let your child use their old t-shirt to make a cloth bag for buying fruits and vegetables and say NO to plastic bags used at the stores.

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