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Organic Lifestyle

What is Organic Lifestyle?

We’ve all heard the words ‘organic lifestyle’ more times than we can count but what does it actually mean?  Organic Lifestyle simply means living a healthy lifestyle, using all natural products, eating food that does not go through fertilizers and pesticides. An organic lifestyle helps you live longer and happier. Food is not the only product for an organic way of life. Everything from clothes to body lotions to skin care should be organic.

How can you live an Organic Lifestyle?

  • Purchase Local and Organic

Start buying fruits and vegetables from your local farmers who produce foods organically. Buying from your local producers helps in increasing your local economy and helping your community with an income and stability in their livelihood.

  • Set up your Organic Garden

Invest some of your time and energy in setting up your organic garden and grow your own healthy and organic food. To start with, grow food that requires less care like tomatoes, potatoes and herbs.

  • Go for Organic Home

Most of the things we use in our homes can now easily be found organic. You can find organic detergents, soaps, mattresses, meditation furniture, and so on. Check out the product labels. 

  • Buy Organic Clothing

There are many brands which sell organic clothes. Organic clothes are healthier, more eco-friendly as compared to non-organic clothes.

  • Use Organic Skincare

To live an organic lifestyle, start putting all natural skincare products to your body. This will promote healthy looking skin. Many organic lotions and creams are available in the market. 

There are also organic shampoos and other drugstore products available, start using them. Even for pets, organic shampoos are available which helps in flea treatment and prevent them from many skin irritations making their coat shiny and clean.

  • Do not purchase ‘Ready to Eat’ food and ‘Food with Preservatives’

The ready to eat food and the food with added preservatives are treated with chemicals. So stop using processed food and simply prepare your own food with fresh and organic food.

What are the benefits of Organic Lifestyle and Why should you adopt it?

  • Free from Chemicals
  • Organic food has more nutrients
  • More Sustainable
  • Preserves Ecosystems
  • Supports Local Farms
  • Promotes Humane Treatment of Animals
  • Body becomes less prone to illness and diseases
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Increase Soil Fertility
  • Good for Pets as well
  • Physical as well as mental health benefits


Putting into your body and surrounding yourself with organic makes a peaceful way of living. However it’s not an overnight process, it is a big change and takes place over time. Trying to jump into it all at once might be discouraging. So, it’s best to start with small changes. You’ll not only look better but also feel better.

2 thoughts on “Organic Lifestyle

  1. Organic means no chemicals, no animal abusing, everything is natural.
    Many of us wants to follow organic lifestyle but few of them are actually following that and there are multiple reasons.
    And two of the major reasons are availability and pricing.
    But here now Wholistic You is trying to eliminate one reason by online order and delivering to their customer wherever they are.

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