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Essential/Fragrance Oils from Flowers

Flowers are known for their beauty and fragrance. Besides flowers, the fragrance centres are present in certain other parts of the plant. The essential oils can be extracted from the different parts of the plant including flower, leaf, resin, bark, roots, twig, seed, etc. The extracted oils from flowers are distilled for direct use in daily life and is known as Flower Fragrance Oil. The scent of fragrance oil lasts longer as compared to essential oils.

Flowers used for Extraction

  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Rose
  • Calendula
  • Hibiscus
  • Marigold
  • Chamomile
  • Lotus
  • Tulip
  • Sunflower
  • Tuberose
  • Geranium
  • Helichrysum
  • Chinese Wisteria
  • Honeysuckle
  • Peony
  • Gardenia
  • Plumeria
  • Lily
  • Sweet Pea

Essential Oil Extraction Methods

The oils can be extracted by various methods. These methods can be broadly categorized as traditional and non-traditional methods.


  • Classical and Conventional Methods
  • Hydro-distillation
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Soxhlet Extraction
  • Cold Pressing


  • Non-Traditional Methods
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction
  • Microwave-assisted hydro-distillation
  • Ultrasound-assisted Extraction
  • Solvent-free microwave Extraction
  • Microwave hydro diffusion and gravity

Uses of Fragrance Oils

The fragrance oils can be used in several ways. Below are some of its uses.

  • The fragrance oils can be used as air fresheners at homes and in cars. It eliminates foul odor.
  • These oils are also used in aromatherapy to calm the mind and body.
  • Scented candles also use fragrance oil to fill up your atmosphere with exotic floral scent as soon as you burn it.
  • Male and Female grooming products like creams, lotions, shaving foam, cleansers, toners, cosmetics and serums also have fragrance oils in them.
  • Body wash, Shower gels, Body cleansers also have fragrance oils that make the body smell good for a long time.
  • Fragrance oils can also be used in making soap bars and bathing bars at home.
  • Incense sticks or Agarbattis also contain fragrance oils. 

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