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Diwali Decoration Ideas with Organic Products

Diwali is almost here and so is the time to decorate your homes. Though Diwali is the festival of lights there are various other ways as well to brighten up and lighten up your homes with organic products. These ideas will not only amp up your place but are also eco-friendly ways to decorate.

Ideas to Decorate your House with Organic Products

  1. Candles
    Light is the main feature of Diwali. Lighting candles in every room of the house represents overcoming the domination of ignorance and darkness. Scented candles are popular during Diwali as they can burn for many hours. You can light up your home with scented candles that will brighten your place leaving behind a delightful aroma around your surroundings. You can place these candles in your living room, bedroom, or puja room. Tea light candles can be used for decorating gardens, balconies, and entrances.
candles for diwali decoration
  1. Flower Decoration
    Flowers are considered auspicious in Hindu culture and are among nature’s most beautiful creations. The best method to appease the gods and make your home an inviting space is to decorate it with fresh, fragrant flowers. Make a garland out of some marigold flowers and use it to decorate the stair rails, stair knobs, and the front door. This flower garland may be attached to string lights to make it look more pleasing. For the corners, you can put flowerpots or vases filled with fresh flowers.
    You can also use flower petals either fresh or dried to make rangoli. To enhance its beauty you can use lighted candles. If you make rangoli from dried flowers, it can be used in several ways after Diwali.
    Urli is also an effective way to decorate your house using flowers and candles making it a centerpiece of the house.
fresh flowers for diwali decoration
  1. Incense Cones
    Great for puja room especially during puja, Incense cones hold a great place in spirituality and play a major role to remove negativity. The soft smell of incense cones leaves your ambiance with positive vibes.
incense cones for diwali decoration
  1. Potpourri
    Potpourri is an economical and eco-friendly way to decorate your house. You can decorate your center tables or dining tables using potpourris. It acts as a natural air freshener that will keep your living space or kitchen smelling fresh. Organic potpourris avoid harsh chemical fragrances which are safe for your family and kids.
  1. Wax Sachets
    Decorating each corner of your house, how can we forget our bathrooms and wardrobes. Wax Sachets are the go for your bathroom and wardrobes to make them smell exotic. These spread their botanical aroma into your bathroom and the clothes in your wardrobe.
diwali decoration ideas
  1. Smudge Sticks
    Burning smudge sticks helps get rid of negative energy from your surroundings along with spreading good air around you. Smudging sage is often practiced during Diwali prayers and is believed to bring positivity, health, wellness, and happiness into the house by spreading positive energy.
diwali decoration ideas
  1. Torans with Fresh Flowers
    Torans are decorative door hangings placed at the main entrance of the home. Its purpose is to welcome Goddess Durga and welcome the guests. Torans are usually created with fresh marigold flowers and mango leaves. Mango leaves are also considered fortunate in Hinduism since they are good at absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Try these exciting ideas for your home decor using organic flowers and decor items from BloomyBliss.

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