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Organic Incense Cones

Incense cones are aromatic cones that enhance the scent of a room during meditation or yoga practice. The cones are made of flower powder combined with essential oils and produce a cloud of thick smoke.

How to use Incense Cones?

To start your incense cones, place the cone in a heat-proof container. Make sure the incense burner is large enough to hold the cone.
Lit the tip of the cone with a lighter so it produces a flame. Let the flame for 5-10 seconds and then blow it out by fanning with a paper.
The tip has an orange glow to it, and your incense cone is ready to give off the rich aroma to your room.

Benefits of Burning Incense Cones

  • Helps relax and unwind
    Burning incense cones after a long tiring day with a cup of hot tea can help you relax. You can burn cones for some time before going to bed and the soft smell would help you get the best relaxing sleep.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
    Burning incense cones uplifts your mood and reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps reduce body activities like heart rate and breathing. The best incense cones for relaxation are Sandalwood, Lavender, and Rosemary.

  • Increase Concentration
    The fragrances help you concentrate more while studying, working, or meditating. The subtle fragrances help you concentrate.

Stimulate Creativity
A well-scented place can stimulate creativity, ideas, abilities, and thinking. Citrus scents are best for this.

Uses of Incense Cones

  • Incense cones can be used during meditation to deepen attention, heighten senses, uplift spirit during meditation.
  • Spiritually incense cones play a major role to remove negativity.
  • During yoga, incense cones help the mind to focus.
  • Certain floral-based incense cones have antibacterial properties and help cover the unwanted household smells and purify the air.
  • Incense cones help reduce stress hence act as a medicinal therapy.
  • Fragrances like Rose, Jasmine, and Vanilla are great for dates with your loved ones.

Looking at all the benefits it’s good to have some incense cones for your home. Try our latest organic incense cones and get yours now to enjoy the beautiful scent around your room.

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