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Dry Flower Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Flowers are the best way to decorate your home as they bring botanical and refreshing vibes to the atmosphere. But fresh flowers have a limited lifespan and need upkeep for retaining their beauty. Dried flowers are a lovely substitute for fresh flowers that require minimal maintenance while bringing the beauty of nature into your home all year round.  

Dried Flowers are basically actual flowers that are dried naturally and organically to improve their shelf life. Flowers retain their look, colour, and often their aroma as they dry out. These flowers are far more environmentally friendly than fresh flowers since they never wither and continue to bring beauty to the interiors month after month without needing to be constantly renewed. 

There are multiple ways that you can display dried flowers around your home. Let’s have a look at the best decoration ideas using dried flowers.

  1. Centerpiece – Dried flower bouquets created by using different varieties of dried flowers can be used as centerpieces for your hall, living rooms, or coffee tables. These bouquets work wonders in adding a perfectly natural and colorful touch to your space.

You can also use dry flower potpourris and flower heads and adorn these beauties in a glass bowl.

  1. Dining Table – Enhance your dining table setup with bouquets having different varieties of dried flowers. You can also use dried flower napkin rings for an appealing dining decor. Just snip off the long stems and pinch together a small group of flowers around the edge of the florist wire and secure them in place.
  2. Bedroom – Fill the empty corners of your bedroom with pampas grass. You can also showcase colorful bouquets on your side table or study tables. As these dried flower beauties need less maintenance, you can also use these for your kids’ space to make it more lively.
  3. Festive Decor – The dried flower heads, bouquets, and dried flower petals can be used to make your living space and pooja room festival ready. You can make rangolis, or setups for Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, or Navratri decorations. This sustainable decor will also freshen up your ambiance with positivity from its fragrance.
  4. Wedding Decor – Flowers are a major part of wedding decor. Right from Haldi, Mehendi to the big day and Reception, flowers can enhance the space. The dried blooms enhance the theme of the wedding and bring natural beauty to the space.

Best Dried Flowers for Decoration

Bloomybliss offers a wide range of dried flowers that you can use for decoration purposes.

  1. Elegant Pink Beauty
    This pink bouquet consists of naturally dried Celosia, Gomphrena, Pampas & Millet. It can be a great addition to your living space.
  2. Dried Pampas Bunch
    This naturally dried pampas grass can amp up the corners of your room. You can also use this pampas grass for your kids’ room.
  3. Hickory Dried Flower Bouquet
    This flower bouquet consists of naturally dried Celosia, acroclinium, and cockscomb. The neutral shades of this bouquet can go with any backdrop.
  4. Pink & Clay Colour Dried Flower Bouquet
    This bouquet consists of naturally dried pampas grass and Gomphrena that are grown organically and dried naturally. This can be a great addition to your dining table.
  5. Cool Breeze Dried Flowers Bouquet
    This flower bouquet consists of dried pampas grass, babla grass, wheat grass, and white gomphrena flowers for home decoration.

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