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Health Benefits of Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a type of split Legume which are tan, round, and slightly larger than a pea, they are predominantly self-pollinated or sometimes cross-pollination by insects. Chickpeas are also known as  Bengal gram, skinned chickpeas, or more commonly known as chana dal in Hindi. Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes all over the world. Chickpeas probably originated from South East of Turkey about 5450 BC and later it was originated in India around 3000 BC. Most production and consumption of chickpeas takes place in developing countries, nowadays India is the single largest producer of chickpeas in the world, which accounts for about 73% ( 11.67 million tons ) of the total production of chickpeas.  The second leading producer is Australia share 14% of total production. The total land area devoted to chickpea is about 14.56 million hectares worldwide it has increased in recent years but the production per unit area gets slowed but steadily increased since 1961 at about 6 kg/hectare per annum. Chickpea is a rabi crop that requires about 100 to 110 days to get matured. Chickpea plants are bushy and grow about 18 inches high, making them ideal for containers. The best-suited soils for chickpeas are deep loams, silty clay loams, or black soil with a pH range of 6.0 to 8.0. Chickpeas have a buttery, nutty flavor and creamy texture and can be cooked like other dried beans.

Nutritional Value per 100 gm

Chickpeas also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Calories – 210
  • Trans Fat – 3.8g
  • Sodium – 322mg
  • Carbohydrates –  35g
  • Fiber – 9.6g
  • Sugars –  6g
  • Protein – 10.7g
  • Dietary Fiber – 7.6g
  • Potassium – 291mg
  • Calcium –  80.4 mg  
  • Iron –  4.7 mg 
  • Magnesium –  78.7 mg 
  • Phosphorus –  276 mg  
  • Zinc –  2.5 mg
  • Copper –  0.6 mg 
  • Manganese –  1.7 mg

Benefits of Chickpeas

Chickpeas contain a list of vitamins and nutrients, and through these nutrients, it has numinous health benefits some of them are:

  1. Packed with Nutrients

Chickpeas hold an impressive nutritional profile. Chickpeas contain high dietary fiber, especially a soluble fiber known as raffinose. Chickpeas also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as a decent amount of fiber and protein which helps us to live a healthy lifestyle.

  1.  May Benefit Digestion

Chickpeas are full of fiber which offers several benefits for digestive health. The fiber present in chickpeas is mostly soluble and blends with water to form a gel-like material in our digestive tract. The soluble fiber helps in increasing the number of healthy bacteria in our stomach and prevents the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria. Chickpeas also prevent constipation.

  1. Help Control Blood Sugar

Chickpeas are considered a diabetic superfood. Chickpeas are high in protein and fiber these two are the key nutrients to promote blood sugar management. The fiber slows carb absorption, which prevents blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. The legume is a significant source of protein, which makes it an ideal food for Diabetics.

  1. Improve Heart Health

Chickpeas are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C and B6, all of these nutrients support heart health. The fiber present in chickpeas helps lower the total cholesterol in the blood, hence reducing the risk of heart disease. It also helps in removing plaque from the arteries and boosts their health. The folate present in chickpeas also supports heart health. It prevents homocysteine, which is an amino acid that helps the formation of blood clots.

  1. Improve Eye Health

Studies showed that the beta-carotene present in chickpeas helps in boosting vision health. Another thing we have is zinc, which is another vital nutrient for vision health. It helps in the transportation of vitamin A from the liver to the retina. Zinc also helps in preventing the progression of macular degeneration (An eye disease that causes vision loss).

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