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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. It has thick, pointed leaves filled with aloe gel. It has several medicinal properties and is often used in cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industries. 

How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant?

Growing aloe vera is super easy. These succulents are great for beginner gardeners to grow. There are basically two methods to grow the plant. One is from the offspring and another one from the cuttings. Propagating aloe vera from offspring or pups is the most successful method.
Pups grow from the roots or stems of the aloe plant and can be found along the base of the plant. Choose an offset that is several inches tall, has four or more leaves and roots. Take the entire plant out of the pot and brush away as much soil as you can from the roots. Do this process carefully. Untangle the pups from the mother plant, you can use a knife too. Be sure to sterilize the knife and don’t cut the roots. Now re-pot the pup in dry and well-draining soil. Water the plant so that the soil is wet. Do not overwater. Aloe vera being succulent does not need much water.

Plant Care

Make sure your aloe vera plant gets 8-10 hours of bright sunlight to grow well.



Aloe Vera plants prefer well-drained sandy soil.


Being a desert plant, aloe vera does not need frequent watering. Water your plant when the soil is completely dry. During cold and rainy weather avoid watering your plant too frequently.


Fertilize your aloe plant once a year in the spring season.



Aloe vera plants prefer warm areas and cannot tolerate frost.

Benefits & Uses of Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera has soothing and cooling properties and is often used in soothing burns and healing wounds.
  • It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is used in treating skin infections.
  • It reduces constipation.
  • It improves skin and reduces wrinkles.
  • It also lowers blood sugar levels.
  • It promotes oral hygiene and reduces plaque.
  • Using fresh aloe gel on your face can treat acne.
  • Aloe vera juice has various health benefits and can also be used for hair

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