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Dried flowers & grasses use in art and craftwork

Fresh flowers and Grass are great for improving the aesthetics of your home or garden and provide you fresh air. They act as a mood enhancer, stress buster making your surroundings lively and happy. Fresh flowers make the life of a human more cheerful.
But what do you do with them when they dry out?

Just throw them in the dustbin


In this article, we’ll give you some ideas of how you can use dried flowers and grass in art and craft work.
Next time, don’t throw them, rather use them to decorate.

Here are some ways you can use dried flowers and grass.

Resin Art

Resin art is a great way to preserve dry flowers and grass. There are plenty of things that can be crafted using dry flowers/grass and resin. This can include trays, studs, coasters, pendants, keychains, paperweights, and showpieces etc. You can get plenty of video tutorials online on each of them.

resin art

Frame Pressed Flower Initials

Frame pressed flower initials are great for personalized gifts to your loved ones. You can also use them to decorate and add a personal touch to your place.

Pressed and dried phone cover and cases

You can use pressed and dried flowers/grass to decorate your boring phone covers while preserving their natural beauty.

Dried Flower Coasters

Wooden coasters or Resin coasters both look stunning. These coasters are something that’s decorative for your home as well as functional also.

Dried flower and grass wall/door wreath

Dried wreaths are wonderful indoor home decor and would look perfect on a door, mantle, over a fireplace, altar, or in your favorite China cabinet. You can make some awesome wall/door wreaths with dried flowers and grass. Dry flower wreaths retain their beauty longer than fresh flower wreaths.

Dried flower scented sachets

You can use dry flower scented wax sachets to refresh your home and impart a lovely fragrance to your clothes or linens. You can hang them in the entryway, tuck in the drawers, cabinets and boxes or put them in your closet. Just make sure they are not in direct sunlight.
Also, the dry flower sachets or potpourri can be placed in a decorative bowl and displayed on the desk for subtle, and natural fragrance.

Dried Flower and Grass wall art

You can use dry flowers and grass for decorating the walls of your living room. This can be a great background for photoshoots and also can be used as wedding decor. You can arrange different coloured flowers and add fairy lights to give a spark to the place.

Dried Flower Brooch

Use it to decor a dress, curtains or your bedroom window. Put it in a “good morning” tray between the coffee and the orange juice or sign with it a “have a nice day” note.Using these brooch with clothes uplifts your outfit making you look dynamic and smart. 

Dried Flower Crowns/ Tiara

If you’re going to wear dried flowers and go to the trouble of carefully arranging them in a way that lets you create something beautiful from something so delicate, you would rather make a huge statement with them. You can also use satin ties, butterflies, and other decorating stuff to make it look more prettier.

Dried Flower Candles

You can make some awesome scented candles for your ambience with the dried flowers. The scent of dried flowers enhances your surroundings with the lighting of the candle. You can check out our wide range of scented candles with dried flowers and make your ambience exuberant.

So far we’re at the end and we think you’re not going to throw your dried flowers and grass next time and use them wisely with these ideas to add beauty to your place making it look more delightful.

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