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Tithonia or Mexican sunflower is an annual plant native to Mexico and Central America. These plants are drought tolerant and grow well in warm environments. 

Mexican sunflower yields dozens of flowers with petals in colour of red, orange, and yellow with yellow centres. The plant blooms from summer to fall.

Common Name

Mexican Sunflower

Botanical Name

Tithonia Diversifolia

Plant Type


Plant Size

4-8 Feet

Bloom Time

Summer to Fall

Flower Colour

Yellow and Dark Orange

Native Area

Mexico and Central America


Around 10-15

Growing Area 

North India


Torch, Goldfinger

How to Grow Tithonia

Tithonia is grown from seeds. The seeds usually take 12-21 days to sprout. Place the seeds 6-8 inches apart and cover it slightly with soil. These plants like warm weather and full sun to grow well and bloom, the plant might not bloom if placed in a shady area.

Soil conditions for these plants can vary from average to rich soil but make sure the soil is well drained. You can add jeevamrut which is a combination of natural ingredients like gomutra , gobar, jaggery, grass leaves, neem , sarso ki khali etc before planting to promote maximum plant growth.
Tithonia plants are drought tolerant and need to be watered after around 15 days.

Tithonia Uses

Tithonia flowers attract a variety of bees and butterflies. These plants can be used at the back border and beds to form a backdrop for shorter plants. These flowers add beauty to your garden. The beauty can be enhanced more by adding some seasonal flowering plants with it.

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