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Sweet Alyssum

Why do flowers have fragrance ? 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of flowers? Yes, correct !! The fragrance has its unique way of engaging us. Whenever we are offering someone a bouquet, on the very first hand we tend to smell its fragrance. Universe has made everything with perfection like an artist who knows when and where to sprinkle beauty on Earth. Flowers have been instilled with charisma, fragrance, colors, and nectar. One of the reasons of scents is to attract insects. Insects get pulled towards flowers and they sit on them and when they fly off they carry with them pollen grains to other flowers. This interchanging of pollen grains helps in the cross-pollination of flowers as a result of which seeds are produced. This leads to the multiplication of plants and trees on their own. Although flowers can be identical in their color or shape, no two floral scents can be the same due to their biological and chemical structure. But why are we talking about fragrance all of a sudden? This is because we are going to acquire knowledge about a flower that has the most pleasing smell on this Earth.


Sweetness of Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is one of the most popular flowers. Its name clearly describes its features that is sweet. The “sweet” in “sweet alyssum” symbolizes this flowers’ pleasant fragrance. The name, “alyssum,” derives from the Greek prefix a– (which negates what follows it) and lyssa, “rage.” 

Different types, Different names

Sweet alyssum can be found in different colors such as white, pink, or purple although the white color is the most common among them. I remember, last year I visited a flower show where people from diverse regions, backgrounds displayed their flower pots, gardens and often get rewards for it. This particular flower got 1st prize due to its toughness and the great number of blossoms it produces. 

  • Sweet alyssum, (Lobularia maritima), also called sweet alison, an annual or short-lived perennial herb of the mustard family.
  • As you can observe, it has four small blunt petals arranged in a squarish shape. Its gray-green leaves are slightly hairy, narrow, and lance-shaped.
  • Sweet Alyssum is a cool-season flower that can be set out in early spring to early summer. It can also grow under the full sun in northern areas. 
  • Sweet Alyssum will reach a mature size of up to 4 to 9 inches tall within two months of being planted.


  • Royal Carpet (violet-purple)
  • Bicolor Pink Stream (pink-purple)
  • Easter Bonnet Deep Pink (pink)
  • Purple Shades (purple)
  • Wonderland Deep Rose (rose)

Why Sweet Alyssum 

  • Sweet Alyssum is mostly known for its enchanting aroma which acts as a magnet for humans as well as pollinators such as butterflies, bees and beneficial insects. 
  • Alyssum plants are most effective when they are accompanied with other plants.
  • For gardeners who generally have no use for annuals, this flower can be a useful plant in the landscape.
  • Young leaves, flowers and stems can be used to add flavor of salads and other dishes.
  • Considering its healing powers, traditionally it is used to treat rabies, cold, managing mental disorders and relief from bleeding gums. ( Consult your health practitioner for treating health conditions). 
  • These are self-sow plants and can provide year after year of bright color, especially in milder climates. 


  1. One can start Sweet Alyssum from seed or plant.
  2. Seedlings are widely available in nurseries, in the spring and often in the fall.
  3. Beginning with seed, simply scatter the seed and press it down, so that it makes good contact with the soil, but it should be still exposed to sun.
  4. Keep the soil moist since it prefers loamy and well-drained soil then water whenever the soil feels dry.

This flower is ideal for rock gardens, perennial beds, containers, vegetable rows, and just about anywhere else it can receive adequate sunlight and won’t be drowned. Believe me!! this flower could become your top choice. 

It is said that ‘ We attract those what we need’ and look you are here reading this blog with curiosity and love. Thankyou for reading and let us know what is your experience with this pretty Sweet Alyssum. 

One must have flowers always, and always. 

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